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What Does My Cosmetology/Esthetician Career Look Like Post-Coronavirus? What Does My Cosmetology/Esthetician Career Look Like Post-Coronavirus?

Kansas Cosmetology School and Esthetician School Will Prepare You For Changes

As COVID-19 spread throughout the United States, many counties and states took measures to flatten the curve and prevent the virus from spreading too quickly. For most areas, including Wichita, Kansas, that included temporarily closing day spas and salons until further notice. Now, as restrictions are being lifted, professional cosmetologists and estheticians have been asked to take additional precautionary measures to limit the chance of spreading contagions among clients and salon staff.

At Eric Fisher Academy, we complied with government orders to temporarily cease salon and spa operations, which unfortunately also affected our cosmetology school and esthetics school. We’re looking on the bright side, though: This temporary pause allowed us to consider what the careers we train our students for will look like in a post-coronavirus world and how we can continue setting them up for success.

Here are a few changes we expect to see, potentially long-term, in our industry.

Personal protective equipment during certain spa procedures.

As our esthetics students know, some of the luxurious spa services they learn about and offer in our student salon can be up close and personal! Because of how near we must be to provide our clients with the care they deserve, we anticipate wearing personal protective equipment during certain treatments long-term, and for every service in the near future.

Face masks and shields help to prevent the transfer of viral particles during services like facials, waxes, manicures, and even make-up application. Gloves also limit skin-to-skin contact. Some salons and spas may ask that clients wear face masks, too, if they do not intrude on the services provided.

Cosmetologists and estheticians in Kansas will take precautions not only to protect themselves, but their clients, as well.

Frequent hand-washing and workstation disinfection.

Professional cosmetologists and estheticians know the importance of disinfecting their tools, either in an autoclave or barbicide. But before the pandemic, workstation vanities didn’t get wiped down as frequently as our shears, combs, and nail clippers, for example.

As salons and spas re-open for business, cleaning and disinfecting will move from its current form into something far more robust. For example, massage therapists may need to disinfect their entire massage tables between clients; it’s no longer enough to simply change the coverings. Hair stylists will need to wipe down the armrests of their workstation seating and shampooing chairs after every client. Equal emphasis will now be put on sanitizing work stations as we do on sanitizing tools.

And although it’s already a good practice, cosmetologists and estheticians will need to wash hands thoroughly between clients, even if they wear surgical gloves during their services. Clients should also be asked to wash their hands frequently and thoroughly, especially during services requiring hand-to-hand contact, such as manicures.

No matter what area of the beauty business you’re getting into, you can assume that cleaning and disinfecting will take high priority, not just to keep us and our clients safe, but because our clients will come to expect it as a basic customer service.

Adding to Kansas cosmetology school curriculum and state exam competencies.

Eric Fisher Academy is currently unsure of how coronavirus will affect the technical curriculum we teach our students, particularly as it relates to the Kansas licensing standards and exam. However, salon instructors and leadership would not be taken by surprise if additional skills acquisition in areas related to disease control and prevention were added by law.

While it is not required at this time, we see the value in instructing our students on salon health and safety precautions to take to protect themselves and their clients and will ensure we’re imparting that information, in addition to our world-class techniques, to each student who enters our school.

Scheduled appointments with no additional guests.

As is in place in areas with lifted stay-at-home restrictions, many salons, day spas, and nail studios are asking clients to make appointments in advance and attend their treatments alone. These two policies ensure no one waits in the salon or spa longer than necessary and controls the number of interactions salon team members and clients have each day.

Although scheduled appointments put a damper on Kansas salons whose clientele are accustomed to walk-in services, like manicures or eyebrow waxing, it’s truly in everyone’s best interest to operate following the guidance of public health experts. Plus, when the salon is less crowded and more quiet, your clients can really embrace the opportunity to relax and enjoy their treatments. Eric Fisher Academy policies will continue to follow state-level guidance, which is why we are now accepting walk-in appointments. However, graduates of cosmetology school who have achieved employment in certain salons may be asked to follow different directions.

Cosmetology After Coronavirus

Eric Fisher Academy faculty are experts in their fields. But we’re the first to admit we aren’t epidemiologists, virologists, or scientists. Instead, we’re dedicating ourselves to following the guidelines these medical leaders and our government leaders put in place to keep everyone safe from coronavirus, or any other future disease outbreak.

We’re in an industry where styles and techniques are always evolving as we work to turn our clients into the best versions of themselves. The nature of the industry dictates we stay on our toes and ready ourselves to make changes to our services, offerings, and protocols. In doing so, we keep our clients coming in the door to see us again and again because they trust us to make the right choices, both with their hair, skin, and nails, and with their wellbeing.

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